Frequently Asked Questions - ZeroWater Filtering/Water Bottle and Dispensers


How do I use the TDS meter?

It's easy! Push the "on" button, remove the cap and place about an inch deep into the water. Wait for the numbers to stabilize and see your final reading. Once you remove the TDS meter from the water the reading will go back to 000. Be sure not to place the TDS meter in water over an inch or two as the water may dampen the electronics and affect your readings.  The water should be at room temperature or cooler as hot water distorts the TDS reading.

Why is the TDS meter important?

The tester empowers you to compare various water sources. If the number of your filtered water is above 006, it's time to replace your water filters.

Water Dispenser/ Filtering Bottle leak

How much water are you putting in the bottle? You should NOT fill the bottom chamber past the “maximum water level” line.  If the bottom part is full, you should not add more water since the white divider ring between the top and bottom chamber is not water-tight.  If the bottle is filled to the proper level and you are still experiencing a leak, try to put your arm around the bottle on the bottom half and carefully lift it off of the cooler. Place your other hand under the float valve and push it gently up towards the bottle, closing the opening on the float valve. Is the float valve leaking?  If it is, please contact us for a replacement.   If you continue to experience leaking contact the Water Cooler/Dispenser Manufacturer.

I can't get a zero reading.

 Please try the following troubleshooting steps.  

  1. Remove and dry off the filters with a clean paper towel and then place each filter over a glass. 
  2. Run a small amount of water into each filter and test the sample that collects in the glass.  If it reads000 chances are, you did not have your filter(s) screwed in tightly enough or may have been over-tightened to the point that the Black O-Ring has squeezed out of place.  There is also an O-Ring betweenthe filter coupler and upper chamber of the bottle that must be sealed properly.  In order to get a perfect 000, there must be a complete seal when the filters and coupler are screwed in to prevent anycontamination. Because you have water that is in the chamber that is not 000, you will need to flush your cooler to rid it of the non-zero water. If it does not read 000: it is time to change your filters.

How often do I change my filters?

How often the filters need to be replaced is determined by how much water you put through the system and how hard the filters have to work to clean the water you put through it. The more dissolved solids in your water (or the higher your TDS reading), the shorter the filter life. It is essential to change the filters with a reading of “006” on the included TDS meter in order for the product to continue to perform as represented. The longevity of the filter will vary based on local water conditions.

Where can I purchase filters?

ZeroWater filters may be purchased from your Avanti retailer or most major retailers.  See ZeroWater website at for a list of retailers.

Can the Filtering/Bottle kit be used on any Water Cooler/Dispenser?

The ZeroWater Filtering/Bottle Kit will fit most standard Water Dispensers. It is recommended that you use with Water Dispensers that have stainless steel reservoirs for best results. You will need to remove the piercing stem in order for the float valve to fit and operate inside the water reservoir.

What if I need a part?

Call (855) 634-1282

Flow Rate: Takes long to filter.

The water travels through 5 stages in order to bring your water down to 000. Most other filters are only 1-2 stages which is why their water can't reach 000. The slow flow of the water lets you know that the water is properly passing through each stage.

Odor or fishy smell

 Most customers do not notice an odor from their filter, so it is likely that the general make up of your water is different than most. When the filter is used up, this can cause a smell. It is very important that you regularly test your water to be sure it reads 000 to prevent this in the future.  Also, be sure to clean your Water Dispenser regularly as directed by the manufacturer.

Other: Wet filter; condensation on plastic bag of the new filter.

The carbon inside the filter is rinsed before it's packed into the filter and will sometimes still be a bit wet when it's packaged. Having your filters arrive wet will not affect the performance of the filter.

Dispenser : Mold or algae

Just like any other appliance, our products need occasional cleaning.  First clean out the Dispenser according to the Care & Maintenance section of the Instruction Manual, paying special attention to any spigots, spouts or small creases or parts. There are many surfaces there that can harbor stuff that will grow.   It is especially important if you are using the Hot Water function to use water from this reservoir regularly as the ZeroWater filters remove all chlorine from the water.  Without the chlorine, algae can grow in the water and reservoir if left unused for a lengthy period of time.  It is a good idea to periodically fill a cup with hot water to keep it fresh.

TDS Meter: TDS level changes in hot or cold water from the same tap

Things dissolve more easily in warmer water, which leads to a higher reading. The TDS meter corrects for temperature, but if the water is too hot it will give artificially high values. In general, the most accurate reading will be at or near room temperature.


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